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Collecting an Autographed 11x14 inch Photo.

Are you looking for an autographed 11x14 photo?

Well, you are in luck, you have found the webs leading supplier of authentic signed 11x14 photos.

It has been my experience that the serious and 'hardcore' autograph collectors will often collect almost exclusively 11x14 photos.

Here, at world of autographs, we recognize the serious 11x14 inch photo collector and do our best to stock a nice selection of popular and rare authentic autographed 11x14 photos.

11x14 inch photos are obviously much larger than an 8x10 inch photo and, as a result, they display very well. Just one properly framed 11x14 photo can fill a wall space nicely where a single 8x10 inch photo would likely look too small.

Another great feature of the 11x14 photo is that, due to its larger size, the celebrity has more space to sign and, as a result, the photo usually has a much larger signature to enjoy.

I created this graphic below to assist you with a visual representation of the difference between a 5x7 inch, an 8x10 inch and an 11x14 inch photo:

8x10 photo vs 11x14 photo

Here is an idea as to what an 8x10 and 11x14 inch photo
might look like held by a human:

8x10 photo vs 11x14 photo human

If you have only been collecting 8x10 photos and haven't added an autographed 11x14 photo to your collection maybe now is the time.


You will find some great authentic autographed 11x14 photos here:


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