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If you are having any issues placing an order, with an existing order feel free to call or email so that we can resolve any issue as quickly as possible. If you desire a return phone call it may take us 1-3 business days to return your phone call (email is the best option for a fast response).

If you encounter any technical issues with our site please let us know ASAP!

We always answer the phone when we are in the office. We do travel often to procure autographs in-person. Please leave a message if we are not around and we will return your call. We will do our best to respond to all email and voice mail within 24-48 hours.

Be sure to add our domain worldofautographs.com to your approved or safe email senders list or our reply may end up blocked as SPAM.

NO SOLICITATION! - I'm sorry to have to write this, but if you solicit us you will be ignored and your service will NEVER be considered.
Don't worry, if we need your service and you are the best in your field, we will find you.

Hours M-TH 10-4pm

If you have autographs to sell us, feel free to contact us via this form. However you must adhere to the following:

  • DO NOT CALL us to offer your collection. Our phone is for sales and service only. We will not return your call. Sorry to seem rude, but if we didn't have this rule we would be on the phone 24/7/365.
  • The item(s) you are offering must have a good history, preferably, you obtained them in-person or they are certified by PSA/DNA, JSA or BAS. If you just randomly purchased them from ebay, ioffer, Tias, Bonanza, Etsy or some other website you most likely purchased a forgery and would be wasting both your time and ours offering them to us.
  • In your email, YOU MUST give a complete description of what you have to sell and how much money you are seeking for each item and the best way, day and times to contact you.

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