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Follow this link to watch a very interesting Fox News of Cincinnati Ohio, news story (video) on autograph forgeries sold at charity auctions:


There is a charity fundraising support company that sells autograph only to charities and they specialize in the most difficult to obtain music autographs. Many of their items are fake (OK probably all of them). They sell these fake autographs to unsuspecting groups and charities to auction at fundraising events. Most of the items that are auctioned end up at residences or business and are on display or in collections. They have no idea the items are forged.

However, some buyers of the items have been asking for opinions on authenticity or attempting to sell them later and they are discovering that they won items with forged signatures. One of these companies even has a retired so called 'handwriting expert' on its staff to provide his blessing of the forged signatures.

The charity fundraising companies that provides the fake signatures often have stories about how they (or their suppliers) obtained the signed items. Unfortunately, these stories are fabricated. Later, with research, we find out the story is fabricated and incorrectly as the celebrity in question has stated that they did not sign the item or were not at the location in the fabricated signing story.

This is quite sad.

Be careful at fundraising auctions and don't bid unless you simply want to donate and do not care about the worthless item you might win. One exception, if the item is 3rd party certified by Beckett (BAS), James Spense (JSA), or PSA/DNA, the likelihood that the item is authentic is very likely.


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