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We wanted to take a quick moment to discuss Certificates of Authenticity aka COAs.

Most every seller of autographs offers a COA. Even the sellers of fake autographs offer them. Somehow the world has erroneously decided that a COA means the item is authentic. This could not be further form the truth. Unfortunately, by itself a COA does not prove authenticity. Please do not rely on them for that purpose.

As an example, we can consider eBay. Ebay sort of forces sellers to offer them. Even the fake autographs listed for sale are required to have a COA listed as part of the listing or it is at risk of being removed.

While this may seem contrary to our advice, at World of Autographs we do issue COA's, but only so that our customers have record of their purchase from us.

Additionally, as required per the AFTAL guidelines we must adhere to, we also issue a hand signed receipt with all the details of your purchase including our guarantee of authenticity and our contact information.

Interestingly, because our reputation is impeccable, our 'COA' actually is actually trusted.

Enjoy your collecting experience. but please remember that a COA alone is not enough to prove and item is authentic.

© World of Autographs

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