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Signed 11x14 Photo.

Ever wonder why collectors/dealers bother with a signed 11x14 photo?

I have a few ideas as to why: As opposed to an 8x10 photo for example, they display very well. Just one 11x14 properly framed can really make a wall pop in a room. Also, the celebrity has more space to sign and often gives a much bigger and sometimes more complete autograph.

Dealing with signed 11x14 photos can be a bit of a hassle as they take up more space they are more challenging to transport. Dragging them around a city to get them signed presents more challenges as they weigh more and take up much more space. They are also more easily damaged during daily transport to and from events were celebrities will be found.

Even with the increased difficulty any dealer that knows his customer base will be sure to get some 11x14 signed photos to offer them.

It has been my experience that the serious and hardcore autograph collectors will often collect almost exclusively 11x14 photos.

I created this graphic below to assist you with a visual representation of the difference between a 5x7 inch, an 8x10 inch and an 11x14 inch photo:

8x10 photo vs 11x14 photo


If you haven't added an 11x14 signed photo to your collection maybe now is the time.



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