Signed 8x10 Photo.

Ever wonder why an autographed 8x10 photo is so popular/prolific?

I have a few ideas/theories as to why:

First, the size seems to be about perfect. Any bigger and the photo is much more difficult to frame, mount, store and transport. It takes a lot of work to obtain authentic autographs and dragging 8x10 photos all over the city is not completely horrible. They are easy to store in a bag on your shoulder and pull out at the right moment. Try that with 11x14 or 16x20 photos.

They are also less likely to get damaged in the typical crowd melee that occurs anytime a celebrity picks up a pen in public.

Any smaller and the photo is not as compelling to look at or display. All you have to do look at popular autograph selling sites and you will see that signed 8x10 photos sell better and at higher prices in comparison to the smaller sizes. A

lso, as an autograph collector, they are much easier to store than the larger format photos in terms of space needed to house them. There are plenty of options to store 8x10 photos from plastic tubs and cardboard boxes to specialty photo binders.

When you start trying to locate the equivalent items for large format photos the option are limited.

Additionally, the supplies to protect 8x10 photos such as top-loaders and protective sleeves are much less expensive than their 11x14 and 16x20 equivalents.

Lastly, there is one drawback, and this is unfortunate, the forgers. Yep, it has become so cheap and easy to print 8x10 photos that the less than stellar folks on the planet have realized the easy profit here. And as a result your neighborhood Costco has become an unwitting partner in this as well as most ink-jet printer companies.

While you're here pick out a an 8x10 or two and buy it!



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